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"I learned some new things about myself taking this test. Some good and some bad. I did think it was going to be based more on romance but i'm glad it wasn't."
Rachael, Berwyn, Cook County, Illinois

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"I can see how many questions are related to each other and how many conclusions and assumptions can be drawn based on how one answers one question, and another similiar question. It would overwhelm my mind if I actually sat down to draw out everything, and I can understand how much work the author has gone through."
Tuan, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California

Romantic Chemistry / Short Definition

eChemistry is the only matching
service with a model for Rapport,
Compatibility & Romantic Chemistry

Dating is a pain. Even those who enjoy going out and meeting new people eventually get tired of the repetition. We should know: we sent one researcher on 500 first dates over five years (that's two first dates a week!) as part of our first study on what causes initial romantic attraction. We paid attention to all kinds of factors like personality, birth order, and family history and looked for patterns in traits which determined who felt attraction to whom.

We followed up that study with a two-year analysis on high chemistry long-term married couples. We found the giddiest, happiest, most smitten older couples around and psychologically profiled them to find out which trait patterns exist to create lasting romantic chemistry.

The results of these two studies were phenomenal and pointed to distinct traits critical for Rapport (that feeling that you've known someone forever, even when you've just met), Compatibility (agreement on age, location, religion, etc), and Romantic Chemistry (that 'clicking' feeling that makes romance seem obvious). As a result of those studies, eChemistry is the only matching service with models for all three systems.

Our next step was to spend two years testing personality questions on 65,000 people until we had developed the most accurate, state-of-the-art personality test in existence today. Now it's up to you to take advantage of this opportunity and see who attraction experts think you'd feel a special attraction to.

People are like puzzle pieces. Every piece 'clicks' more easily with certain pieces than others. You can think of the experts at eChemistry as the ones holding the final picture of what the puzzle is supposed to look like. We examine your piece and provide you with other pieces who you should naturally 'click' with and let you choose your ultimate match. You can read more about the research behind our technology, or jump right in and get your FREE individualized personality profile now!

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