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"This test was dead on. I am in complete shock, especially since I always thought I was so "unique" and my varied personality could never be adequately captured. Boy, was I wrong."
Jason, Tempe, Maricopa County, Arizona

Customer Quote

"This is the most fun personality test I've ever taken. Mostly because it wasn't just the usual questions."
Rose, Canada

Customer Quote

"This is the most in-depth personality test I have ever taken. I'm still trying to figure out how exactly one could guess the sort of thing that were in my personality results from the test questions."
Brittany, Herndon, Fairfax County, Virginia

Membership Plans

What You Get free

You won't pay anything until you've been profiled and matched with other eChemistry users. If you upload a photo then you will be able to see the photos of your matches before you subscribe. Once we've verified that your personalities are likely to spark romantic chemistry and you've seen each other's photos, read each other's profiles and exchanged "winks" to verify that you're both interested in talking, you can contact and communicate with as many matches as you'd like for one month for just $9.99.

Here is a short description of the benefits you'll receive from eChemistry:

Free eChemistry Benefits

  • Free Personality Profile: Two years of training involving 65,000 testers helped create the most cutting edge personality test available which will help you learn about yourself and your ideal match. It's a $75 value, totally free!
  • Expert Selection: Very few users will match your personality in a way likely to create romantic chemistry. The exact ratio of people compatible with your individual personality is calculated in your Personality Profile results.
  • View Profiles: Read all about your matches and view their photos (if you post one too) before you ever even think about paying anything.
  • Send Winks: Wink at matches who interest you to make sure they'll want to talk if you do decide to purchase a membership.
  • Receive Winks: If your profile catches someone's eye they'll be able to send you a "wink," or wink back at you to let you know that they're ready to talk.
  • Read Personal Email Messages: If another user becomes a paying member and writes you a personal email, we'll forward it immediately to your contact email address.
  • eChemistry's Monthly Newsletter (Optional): Are you curious to know what books, movies, hobbies and careers fascinate other people who have very similar personalities to yours? Discover something you never knew you'd love by reading what your peers found to be particularly interesting.

Membership Plans

Adds the ability to write personalized emails to matches.
Could the price of true love really only be $9.99?

1 Month for $9.99

1 Year for $49.99

All matching services on eChemistry are free until you want to start writing personal emails to your matches. You can write personal emails to as many matches as you'd like for a whole month for only $9.99.

Quality, not Quantity

You can find a higher quantity of matches elsewhere, but if you're looking for that one special match, no one puts as much quality care, time and meticulous individual attention into finding you someone just right for you as we do. Our system doesn't match on longevity of relationships, we match on the presence of lasting romantic chemistry in long term marriages. This means that you won't be sent matches very frequently, but when one does come you'll know that it's someone who was chosen so carefully that it's definitely worth your time to read their profile, look at their picture and decide whether you're interested.

Similarities and Differences

Romantic chemistry has just as much to do with having complimentary strengths as having similar communication styles. This wasn't our "decision", it's the reality of what we found when we analyzed high chemistry long-term married couples. You will not be matched with someone who is exactly like you. Key to our success is the fact that, rather than imposing theoretical ideas of what should be important in a relationship, we've isolated factors through continuous experimentation that have proven to be vital to compatibility. What's more, we've distinguished them from other factors that have traditionally been considered important but which didn't show any positive correlation in reality. What has stood true over time is that people who have certain complimentary strengths are attracted to each other as long as they have other specific communication traits in common. All of your matches will be specifically chosen for you based on matching the pattern of specific similarities and specific differences from our extensive research.

Why So Much For So Little?

We've found such a convincing pattern of traits that it would seem almost immoral to make this expensive when it has such potential to make a gigantic positive difference in the world.

We are a SWAT team of love scientists who are passionate about figuring out why people feel chemistry. Our research has uncovered some phenomenal results, and it's incredibly fulfilling for us to see that hard work paying off with new high chemistry couples. We don't do this for the money. We only charge to cover part of the cost of the computers and bandwidth which make this site possible. What we really want is to know that our research makes a difference. And this website not only delivers in that regard, but it also provides us with massive amounts of real-time data in the form of date reports which help us continue our research on the finer and finer details of romantic chemistry. On top of that, we can apply new breakthroughs to the dating population almost instantly by updating the website models, which makes this work even more exciting and dynamic.

We hope that since you know you're getting a deal that you'll be especially compelled to fill out a Date Report after meeting your matches. We'll continue to provide you with better technology for finding true love. Your job is to fall in love and report back to us on your - and by association our - success.

eChemistry's Unparalleled Privacy Protection

eChemistry gives you unparalleled privacy protection as a member. First, only your individually selected matches will ever see your profile. A random visitor to the site could never find your profile by using the "search" features available on virtually every other matchmaking site. We have no such "search" feature on our site, so your profile is protected from being read by anyone who doesn't match you. At all times you can view the profiles of people who can see your profile, because they are on your match lists, and if you delete a match from your list he or she will no longer be able to see your profile, giving you complete control over your information. Your photo is only shown to people on your match list who also have photos posted (unless they are a paying member). If you find a match you like and begin email communication, we provide all your communication tools right here on our site so that your identity is protected. There is no chance that your email program will attach a signature to the end of your note, or that you might inadvertently include email-header information which could give away your personal contact address because your communication never originates in your home emailbox. All communication is sent directly from our website sing our easy-to-use communication system.

The most significant difference this communication system offers over traditional dating is that you can arrange a date and meet him or her in person without ever having to give out any personally identifying information such as your phone number, address, last name or place of employment. eChemistry protocol is that dates are arranged in public places using our privacy protecting system until you've established a degree of comfort and trust high enough to feel comfortable exchanging information. But until you decide that you're ready, you always have the option of hitting the "delete match" button to ensure that that person will never be able to contact you or view your profile again.

Your Participation Makes a Difference

Also, by becoming an eChemistry member and reporting back on even just one date, you're helping to further research into romantic chemistry. Imagine what the world would be like if there was even a 1% increase in the number of marriages based on romantic chemistry which lasted. In the US alone that would equal over one million better marriages. We've already found patterns which we believe will have a much more significant impact than that, but our constantly continuing research is more finely tuned with each date reported back to us. So even if your one date isn't a success, it still helps the rest of humanity by providing more data for further research.

We invite you to do your own research. Read through our background to see the unparalleled research and development which has been built into this site. Read through our mission statement to understand why we're doing what we're doing and where our research is leading. Then take the first step and take our cutting edge, highly trained 224 question personality profile test. Wherever you are now in the world of dating, you are about to expand your options for finding love.

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