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"I liked how slightly "quirky" some questions were, and I enjoyed the answer format on the tests. Being able to respond with a little of each answer was helpful."
Keri, Spring Hill, Hernando County, Florida

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"This was one of the most interesting personality tests I have ever taken."
Beverly, Land O Lakes, Pasco County, Florida

Company Information / General Background

"You can never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."
- R. Buckminster Fuller

Why We Do It

The US Government spent $333 million sending a satellite into space so that it could collide with a passing comet 83 million miles from earth. The big question is: Why? The answer clearly isn't money and probably isn't fame (do you know the name of even one scientist involved?). There are just a lot of brainy nuts who were curious to see if it could be done, and what would happen if it worked. This great accomplishment was fueled by a very human drive for scientific inquiry and understanding.

At eChemistry we're motivated by that same internal drive. We want to benefit humanity in a concrete, universally applicable way. We are curious about romantic attraction: curious to see if we can measure it, curious to see if we can predict it, and curious to see the effect on humanity of making romantic chemistry dramatically more common. Ten years after the inception of this project, we've found surprisingly consistent, repeatable patterns in romantic chemistry and developed a remarkably accurate method for delivering them to you.

The Three Types of Matching Services

  • Bulk Catalog: (eg.,,,,,¹. Bulk Catalog services provide a catalog of users that can be searched according to criteria listed by the users themselves. No matching services are provided and it is up to the users themselves to choose their matches, often according to lifestyle preferences and beliefs rather than personality traits and compatibility. For example, though one user may only want to date someone who doesn't smoke, doesn't drink and is a devout Mormon, everyone on the site, regardless of their lifestyle preferences and beliefs, can send a message to that person. A bulk catalog site will provide you with a high number of people and leave the sorting and matching entirely to you. Typical Cost: $20-30/month.
  • Compatibility Matching: (eg. Yahoo Personals,,,,¹. Compatibility matching services use a personality test to try to find you love based on your answers. Other compatibility matching sites available use their personal guesses on what causes people to fall in love, and none of them have produced results more effective than chance. The CEOs of all these companies will tell you that they don't know what really causes romantic chemistry, but that they have guesses that they're testing.

    For example, Neil Clark Warren of eHarmony states in the July 2004 eHarmony Newsletter¹, "The importance of chemistry cannot be overestimated. So, you may ask, if chemistry is so important, why doesn't eHarmony match on it? We believe that chemistry is so complex and individualized that it is practically impossible to quantify and match on in a meaningful way. " Typical Cost: $24-50/month.
  • Chemistry, Rapport and Compatibility Matching: There is no other website like We will always be less expensive than other matching sites and our technology is the best available. We're not in this to get rich; we are scientists investigating the laws of nature regarding romantic attraction. We provide you with the latest technology and you provide us with feedback on whether you felt chemistry. Our methods are dramatically more accurate than other sites, and every day your feedback helps it get even better. The people we introduce you to match patterns for compatibility, rapport and chemistry established by our ten years of extensive research on true love, high chemistry couples who are still smitten despite dozens of years of marriage. Membership: While most features of this site are totally free, you'll get unlimited access to every feature on our site for $10 per month.

eChemistry: A Breakthrough in Attraction Technology

"To really succeed -- to truly change the world -- a technology needs to disrupt an existing industry or create a new market. It needs to solve a critical problem, or perform a task better and more cheaply, or create new business opportunities where none existed before. The most profound new technologies manage to do all of those things."
- Business 2.0 Magazine²

Our technology is truly revolutionary and solves problems many believed weren't solvable at a fraction of the cost of the previous technology. Dating is a pain. It's frustrating to meet person after person and not find real love. Plenty of pundits espouse theories on what makes a match, but we went right to the source: to the couples that were truly gleefully, madly smitten and analyzed them to figure out what they saw in each other that created a spark that never went away. The results were surprising, even for us. We proved that certain traits were always the same in high chemistry matches, and other traits were always different, and other traits always matched in the same pattern. We found patterns which were so compelling that we knew we had to make this technology available to the rest of the world. That's why we created

We are not a traditional corporation. We are scientists focused on a single purpose: to truly understand the fine details of romantic chemistry and apply that knowledge to dramatically increase the amount of high chemistry, true love relationships in the world. The ability of the Internet to connect people is truly incredible, and the fact that we can support our research by applying it directly to humanity is exciting for us.

We Take the Mystery Out of Romantic Chemistry

We created this website because we have found solid, concrete, repeatable results that identify who feels romantic chemistry with whom. Our matching system is based on ten years of compelling scientific research and is the most advanced matching system available today. The first step for you is to take our free personality profile test. Wherever you are now in the world of dating, you are about to expand your options for finding love.

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¹ is not affiliated with any of these websites and each '.com' brand name and newsletter is trademarked and owned by their respective companies.
² Business2.0 Magazine, October 2004, Seven New Technologies That Change Everything: Forget about science-fiction fantasies. These innovations are already here, and they're about to hatch some of tomorrow's biggest business opportunities. By Matthew Maier, Om Malik, David Pescovitz, G. Pascal Zachary.
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