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"This test, I think, was very well thought out. I learned about myself, which is a very hard thing for anyone."
Jeff, Philomath, Benton County, Oregon

Customer Quote

"I feel tests like these are fun and can help teach the test takers more of who they are. I know test like these help me get to know myself better! I wish there were more of these available to me, I'd do them more often. Thanks. "
Sheryl, Holland, Ottawa County, Michigan

Company Information / High Chemistry Couple Participation Form

We regularly receive letters like this:

I would very much like to help out. Seven years ago, at 46, I began a relationship with a man I had known and been friends with for 4 years. It is such an incredibly good relationship and we are so compatible that I haven't yet stopped being amazed at it. As my partner says, "we gee-haw." It has redefined for both of us what love actually is and shown us how far from it we had been in our previous relationships. What is most odd about it is that, in most ways, Spence and I are so different as to be almost exact opposites. I am 53 now and I am simply grateful to have found so much love and compatibility at an age I would not have anticipated such a thing being possible.

It occurred to me that perhaps we could contribute something to helping others find the same thing. If by taking whatever tests you have developed as a couple, to help build a database, we would be helping someone else to be lucky enough to find what we are so grateful to have we would love to do it. While we have developed a good bit of insight into the mechanics of why our relationship has been so much better than we had ever suspected one could, it would be fun to see if we might learn anything more by participating.

Sincerely, Hollis M.

We are primarily a research institution investigating the laws of nature regarding romantic chemistry. You can read about our extensive research and research mission or simply email us right away if you think you are the kind of couple that we are looking for as study subjects.

While we really prefer couples who still feel very strong chemistry after at least 10 years of marriage, we would like to hear from couples who have been married at least three years who still feel like they've found a particularly intense romantic connection which has truly enriched their understanding of love. While all stages of romantic attraction are interesting, please understand that we are inundated with ecstatic letters from people who have just met or have been married for less than two years who call back later to report the end of the relationship. Also, you should understand that we're still very selective about the relationships which make it into our studies even if you've passed three years of marriage. If you qualify, this is an opportunity for you to contribute your experience to help the rest of humanity.

Participation is simple, interesting and really makes a difference. Basically we ask you both to take the personality test we offer on this website. Then we get in touch with you and interview each of you on the phone or in person if you happen to be close by. Your information is combined with many, many other couples to help scientists form an even better understanding of the nature of romantic attraction and help single people find real true love. The total time commitment is approximately 30 minutes each for the personality test, and then another 30 minutes each for the interview. There is no monetary compensation for your participation. Part of the way we keep the data pool clean is to include only those who are so moved by their own experience that they feel compelled to help because they're so grateful to already have so much love in their life. no longer functions as a dating website. You can read the details of the site shutdown here, or if you'd like to follow our ongoing personality research the new website may be found here.

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